Our Vision:  We envision an integrated community in which individuals invest in each other’s well being through reciprocity, exchanging time and service.

Our Mission:  Muncie TimeBank is designed to nurture, inspire, and motivate a network of people to come together to create a caring and sharing community.

What is the Muncie TimeBank:  Muncie TimeBank (MTB) is an organized exchange system through which members earn Time Credits for time spent helping other members.  One hour of service earns one Time Credit.  Everyone’s time and service are valued equally.  Muncie TimeBank keeps track of service offers, requests, exchanges and Time Credits through an online database.

How can I become member?  Anyone in the community can sign up to be a member of the Muncie TimeBank.  Non-profit organizations and businesses are also invited to become members.  Each potential member is required to attend an orientation, agree to be screened through the Sex and Violent Offender Registry and read and sign the Member Agreement, Handbook and Code of Conduct.  Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian read and sign the Minor Participation Agreement. Anyone making exchanges with members offering babysitting/childcare must read and sign the Childcare Exchanges Form. Once the applicant is granted access to log on to our secure website, they can begin posting service requests and offers.  Each member’s Time Credit balance is tracked online.

Earning Time Credits:  It is your responsibility to record your hours!  Reporting your hours helps us keep track of how many exchanges are conducted and evaluate our progress.  Once the transaction is completed, the provider of the service should report the number of Time Credits earned:

One hour of service always earns one Time Credit, and one Time Credit always buys one hour of service. 

Remember that transportation time should be included in the transaction; your time begins when you leave your home and ends when you return.

It is expected that at times members may temporarily go into debt.  However, this should not discourage any member with a need from using the TimeBank.  Feel free to contact the Coordinator(s) for assistance.

​​The DO’s and DON’Ts of TimeBank Transactions:


  • Contact the other member in advance if you must cancel

  • Be courteous in other members’ homes

  • Respect others’ religions, beliefs, and political viewpoints

  • Make sure the other person understands exactly what you are going to do

  • Try to be patient and open rather than critical

  • If you are requesting a service that requires materials or ingredients, the receiver is responsible for costs incurred

  • Have car insurance and wear seatbelts if using your car to transport a member

  • Dial 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency


  • Do not smoke in a member’s home without permission

  • Do not use alcohol or illegal drugs while performing services

  • Do not over-commit yourself

  • Do not misrepresent your abilities

  • Do not make inappropriate advances on any member

  • Do not participate in illegal activities

Every member of the Muncie TimeBank has the right:

  • To be treated with dignity, care and respect.

  • To earn one Time Credit for every hour of service provided.

  • To spend Time Credits on services offered by other members.

  • To save Time Credits in a personal account for later use.

  • To donate Time Credits to other members.

  • To have privacy and confidentiality maintained.

  • To be valued.

Every member of the Muncie TimeBank has the responsibility:

  • To respect the privacy and confidentiality of other members.

  • To be prompt and keep scheduled commitments.

  • To be accepting of guidance and instructions.

  • To keep data account current (request/service offers and contact information)

  • To be valued.

Violation of any of these principals and policies will result in a conversation with the Coordinator(s).  Continued violation may result in canceled membership.

The content of this handbook may change over time as members make suggestions for improvement.  Your ideas and comments are important in helping the Muncie TimeBank become a creative, meaningful and rewarding program.  Thank you for helping build a caring community!


Appreciation of another’s best efforts is part of what makes the TimeBank work.  No service is guaranteed and there may be situations when the service provided does not meet the expectations of the receiver.  In these cases, please attempt to be flexible and understanding.


Remember: If you are uncomfortable with someone you have never met coming into your home, please consider a face-to-face first meeting in a public place or have another person whom you do know with you in your home, such as a family member or friend.  Should you feel uncomfortable in any way – you do not have to make an exchange. The Muncie TimeBank, Inc. does not reference check or do background searches.


All members must respect the privacy and confidentiality of other members.  Member information should not be shared outside of the TimeBank and members’ e-mail addresses cannot be added to mailing lists without their expressed permission.

Contact us:


Jill Jereb



Policies and Codes of Conduct
Member Handbook

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