Frequently Asked Questions

Are there dues or a membership fee?

In keeping with our philosophy that a service exchange network is equitable for all members, no fees are charged. However, there are occasional expenses (e.g. printing flyers, website fees) and the Muncie TimeBank welcomes donations to cover those incidental costs.  Contact us if you wish to help.


Why is attendance at an Orientation Session a requirement of membership?

The most important reason is reflected in our goal for the Muncie TimeBank to be a community of people who truly care about each other.  We want each new member to have a chance to meet others face to face.  Secondarily, most new members find it necessary to get basic instruction in the use of the Time and Talent software, which tracks our offers, requests and credit hours.


Do I have to make offers and requests upon joining?

No member is required to post offers or requests.  However, the only significant way to participate in a service exchange system is to provide help to others and receive help from others in turn.


Some members choose to give more help than they receive, and that’s fine.  You can also donate any amount of your own earned credit hours to other members to use when they need help.

Not sure what to offer? 

Don’t worry; the countless ways that people can help others by sharing their time insures that everyone has something to offer.  Examples include pet care, sewing, senior assistance, yard work, résumé review, cooking lessons, computer assistance, home repairs, cleaning and ironing,etc.  If you need further ideas, click on the link below.  A table will appear on the new page showing categories of offers currently on the  Muncie TimeBank.  Click on any category to see specific offers.